понедельник, 3 октября 2011 г.


2008 год

I to myself have sewed this dress in 2008 for wedding of my friends.

                                                                     2009 год

I have sewed this dress to myself for wedding. (At us it is a lot of friends, to us has carried)))) It from dark blue lawn, its skirt is sewed in the form of a tulip. It was very fashionable

                               Blue dress, I have sewed itself about 10 years ago.

It long to toe and double, the top is sewed from shiffon, and a bottom from a crêpe - the atlas.


                                  White velvet dress, and top in Paillette


Oh, this red dress, top from a lace, and a bottom from a velvet and a naked back!!! Can be I will find old photos

Very ridiculous photo, to me 18 years and this brilliant suit too mine)))

                                                      Mine birthday to me of 18 years

   There are more many photos of my clothes, will publish later
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